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You can book a demo of our OCR tool to digitise biometrics and quickly select the best IOL model for your next cataract

Our AI-enhanced solutions streamline workflows and save time for surgical teams.

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5,777selected IOL
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Product: WeOptimeye

A framework purposely built for the crystalline surgery, to boost your teamwork, digitise your processes and make your perioperative journey seamless.

weO assistant

An assistant to smooth and manage the team's workflows, in a secure workspace.

A secure cloud-based solution

Hosted on an ISO 27001 to ISO 27017 and ISO 27018 certified cloud with a solution for user access and rights management.

Modular architecture

Our modular architecture allows the integration of plugins developed by WeOptimeye or its partners

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launches weO assistant and weO cataract, its first plugin for cataract surgery

AI techniques from 2 years of research and development

Artificial intelligence is applied in all our modules.

🖨 OCR techniques allow the automatic reading of biometrics

🔮 Machine learning algorithms implemented by our experts facilitate the calculation of astigmatism and refractive power. (SaMD certification in progress)

weO assistant

Team coordination platform for ophthalmic surgery.

Patient Manager

🛠 Create patient file
📑 Biometric data
🏨 Prepare information for surgeon

Surgery Planner

💡 Synchronise the patient record with the
ophthalmologist's prescription
💡Surgery schedule

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Gain in efficiency and comfort

by teamwork and the digitalisation of the perioperative phases

Meaningful teamwork work

Find all the information you need to create a simplified operating schedule.

No repetitive manual entries
The whole team works on the same files without wasting time or making mistakes.
Each member of the surgical team is alerted in due time.
From making an appointment to providing the operating schedule and inventory of IOLs to be ordered, the entire process is managed in our secure SaaS application.

Coming soon

weO cataract

Application using artificial intelligence for better patient outcome.

Cataract Algorithms

🧠 Calculate total astigmatism and refractive power of IOLs with AI

👁 Adjust the IOL refractive power for the 2nd eye


✅ Validate the choice of IOL

🗓 Confirm the date of intervention

weO cataract: everything you need in one place.

Stop switching from one tool to another. weO-cataract provides access to a catalogue of the most commonly used intraocular implants and algorithms using internationally recognised formulas.

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Aim for excellence with WeOptimeye

Our AI-based formula reduces the number of patients outside the +/- 0.5 D range by 23%

Facilitating the perioperative process

Leverage your team’s collaborative work, and make informed decisions.

Optimisation of the 2nd Eye

Notre algorithme WeOAI2 optimise le calcul du second œil pour une meilleure exactitude et précision. Consultez la publication sur ce sujet au JCRS (cf. Publications)

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weO assistant

Single User and Team Subscriptions Available

  • Dedicated Login
  • Workflow Manager
  • Setup and Team Management
  • Secure data storage
  • Access to plugins
  • API Libraries

weO cataract

For Surgeons / SaMD Certification in progress

  • Dedicated Login
  • WeOptimeye algorithms with SRK/T and Kane formulas (soon)
  • Operating schedule with its selection of IOLs


Committed experts and entrepreneurs

Dr. Laurent Gautier


Ophthalmic surgeon, specialist in refractive surgery. Opinion leader and international expert.


Stephanie Korsia


Expert in ophthalmic solutions sales


For them, there is a before and an after WeOptimeye

We save a lot of time on the calculation of implants for cataract surgery; my orthoptist imports the biometrics into WeOptimeye and I only have to validate the implant that will best correct my patient's vision thanks to very powerful AI algorithms. It's a fantastic tool!

Dr B. Dethinne - Refractive surgeon, Perpignan

For me it's really fast!

D. Juste - Optometrist, Saint Jean de Luz

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